Thursday, August 12, 2010

{Trivial Tuesdays} Update - Black as night

A couple months ago, I wrote about black flowers. (Click here to read the post.) I love seeing black flowers, there is just something about them, I can't quite put my finger on it though. Anyway, an anonymous reader left me this awesome post:
Anonymous said... I have black calla lilies - they really are a very dark purple, but look black even in good light. They are absolutely stunning!
I obviously had to look them up, and that is when I found this, umm, interesting wedding bouquet.Black Calla Lilies are stunning but I've always associated Calla lilies, white ones in any case, with death. I guess I should change my outlook on things before the next wedding I attend, JUST in case.

Thank you anonymous reader!
Take care!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

They Might Be Giants

Mom and I were sitting in the car listening to VPR from Burlington on the the radio when we heard an interesting song about the sun by They might be Giants. I loved it so much I googled them I found even more interesting songs and videos on Youtube.

These songs are seemingly made for children but I think they are fantastic.

Check them out!

This song is actually a response to a previous song which was rendered obsolete by new scientific discoveries about the sun. Here is the first one. I like the video, the cats are just so cute!

The next one is about the periodic table. I wish my chemistry teacher had made it as interesting.

Take care!

Monday, August 2, 2010

100 Countries Reached


My flag counter has just announced a new milestone. As of today, this little blog has been visited from people from 100 different countries! Incredible isn't it? I really impressed by how far you can reach out to with a simple little blog. 100 countries out of a potential 195 (or 196 depending on who you're reading) is simply amazing.

Thank you and Take care!

Meet Charlie

The newest addition to our young family is the Harlem Bunny, Charlie. We found this little fellow hiding under the metal staircase of our new NYC apartment. We coaxed it out with strawberry and banana juice and then carried it around NYC in a green plastic crate for the enjoyment of seemingly all New Yorkers.

Sentence of the day : " Is that a bunny?" to be read with a loud tone of disbelief and a NYC accent

Get ready to know a great deal more about bunnies in the upcoming weeks as bunny fever takes over Purple Carrots and Fairy Smoke.

Take care!

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