Sunday, August 8, 2010

They Might Be Giants

Mom and I were sitting in the car listening to VPR from Burlington on the the radio when we heard an interesting song about the sun by They might be Giants. I loved it so much I googled them I found even more interesting songs and videos on Youtube.

These songs are seemingly made for children but I think they are fantastic.

Check them out!

This song is actually a response to a previous song which was rendered obsolete by new scientific discoveries about the sun. Here is the first one. I like the video, the cats are just so cute!

The next one is about the periodic table. I wish my chemistry teacher had made it as interesting.

Take care!


  1. C'est super cute! Je peux te dire que Raphou adore ca ! surtout le why does the sun really shine?. Bon, il comprend pas mais il aime beaucoup la mélodie :D

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