Monday, December 13, 2010

{Being Green} Starbucks

A recent article published on Environmental Leader, Energy & Environmental News for Business  brought me great joy. Coffee drinkers everywhere, rejoice! Drinking coffee is on its way to becoming less damaging to the environment.

Starbucks is working on having 100 percent of its cups being reusable or recyclable and offer front-of-store recycling in all of its locations by 2015.

With two recycling pilot projects underway, Starbucks Coffee Company is well on their way to attaining their goal. Their first pilot test proved that their paper cups can be recycled into new cups. This project has stirred much excitement as the positive results could be used to change to future of the entire food industry as quoted from the vice president of International Paper Foodservice, Greg Wanta, since it increase recycling rates across the country.

Currently, Starbucks is testing its recycling program in 86 of its Manhattan stores and will be setting up a similar program in Chicago at the beginning of next year. Past successful projects include store-front recycling bins in Toronto and Seattle and composting in San Francisco. Statistics published in June 2010

Although shareholders voted down a motion to increase recycling at this year's annual meeting, 11% were in favor and we can only hope that more shall join in the movement to get this huge multinational onto the green bandwagon. For the time being, our best course of action is to encourage local stores to promote reusable mugs and green standards.

Remember to as for your $0.10 discount when you bring your own mug (in the U.S and Canada). I speak from experience, most cashiers seem not only to be completely unfamiliar to the concept of Bring-your-own-mug but also unaware of the discount, BUT it's there, online, sepia on grey - demand it.
Also, if you are are planning to sit and sip your coffee, ask for a ceramic mug. They don't have any, they should.

Interested to learn more, visit Starbucks online. They have informative videos and stats. Here's the link:
Recycling & Reducing Waste| Starbucks Coffee Company

Coming next week : How to choose the best reusable mug.

Take care!

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  1. So interesting! That is great that Starbucks is going green. I will definitely be back to learn more about choosing the best reusable mug! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

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