Monday, March 31, 2014

The Green Font Choice - Garamond

Concerned about ink usages but still required to print documents out? 14 year old scientist, Suvir Mirchandani, reveals a simple way to save ink - change ink font.

Mirchandani, who published two studies on topic, recommends the use of Garamond to reduce your ink usage.  The table below, taken from his 2013 paper, compares the ink usage of 4 different fonts for 5 different letters.
[Image from Mirchandani and Pinko, 2013]

Mirchandani's studies wish only to be useful, he calculated the savings a school and the government could make by simply changing fonts and the results are astounding. He estimates the government could save $394 Million a year by making the switch, that's a significant amount that could be reinvested in other sectors such as education.

As a teacher, I will definitely be making the switch on my handouts.

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Web. 30 Mar. 2014. Mirchandani-2013.pdf>.

Mirchandani, Suvir, and Peter Pinko. "A Simple Printing Solution to Aid Deficit Reduction." Journal of Emerging Investigators 
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