Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Trivial Tuesdays - The Snow Drenched Episode

Welcome one and all to the third installment of Trivial Tuesdays, a weekly post dedicated to the science questions of Trivial Pursuit - the Genius Edition. Last week, we looked at planetary rotations and finger nail growth - click here to find out why they go together.

After a couple weeks of consistently warm and wonderfully sunny days, Mother Nature - in her infinite wisdom - decided to remind Montreal of our geographic / climatic location by drowning us in an unexpected snow storm. I say drowning because she's sending down buckets of huge wet sticky snowflakes coating everything in slush. Just last week I wrote a post about spring flowers, birds chirping happily in the trees, and toad mating calls. INSANITY!  Just goes to show that the French saying I've been told and repeated since youth : "En Avril on ne se découvre pas d'un fil" literally translated as "In April, we do not remove a thread" meaning beware of warm weather its not here to last - keep you hats, scarves and especially boots handy. 

Thankfully this meteorological mayhem doesn't affect this week's Trivial Tuesdays. I will start by thanking Elaine for participating in this exciting game of online Trivial Pursuit, I truly appreciate the interaction.

What sense is most closely linked to memory?

          Aristotle defined the five basic senses a long time ago as Taste, Hearing, Sight, Smell and Touch. However, since then, neuroscientists are constantly arguing about the exact number and have in fact added at least 5 or 6 more senses to our list. Your senses are defined as physiological methods of perception - basically they are how we perceive and interpret the world around us. Considering only the 5 basic senses we learn about very early in life, the answer is unanimous. Smell is intrinsically linked to memory. We can all name smells that instantly reminds us of people or events in our lives.

         What Elaine was referring to in her comment is how one learns and I agree it depends on the person. I have to do more research about this topic, it's fascinating.

Make sure to tune in next week when we'll be answering the question : What's the smallest bird in the world?

Any guesses?
Take care!

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