Thursday, April 8, 2010

Spring Time in the City : Tulip Watch - week 3

A lot can change in a week and a day.
Last week (click here) our little tulips were about 2 inches high, this week, after a glorious Easter weekend, they have doubled in size. Some tulips planted near the building are even flowering, our tulips are next, you can see the flower bud in the middle. It's coming! Maybe next week we'll discover was colour they'll be. How exciting!

In my last post I mentioned that I would post some pictures of spring flowers I took in Quebec City over the Easter Holidays, so here they are.

I love seeing all these colours after the gray wetness of the end of winter. I haven't identified these species yet, so if you know them, pass on the knowledge.

In other news, next Tuesday will be the beginning of Trivial Tuesdays, a series of posts based on the science questions found within the board game Trivial Pursuit. Should be lots of fun, I'm learning so many random facts of life, I felt compelled to pass them on to you.

Take care!


  1. Les tulipes chez moi sont pas mal au même stade, j'ai bien hâte de les voir éclore!

  2. Hi Emilie,
    I really like your blog :-) and your beautiful pics above! I think the flowers in the bottom pictures are crocuses. One of the first flowers to come out in spring (at least here in Europe), and one of my favourites certainly.
    Hope all is well with you!
    Best wishes from Manchester,
    Annick xxx


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