Monday, November 22, 2010

Fall by Peter Oelslager and Jillian Rubino

This wonderful homage to Fall in Virginia Beach comes to you courtesy of two great people: Peter Oelslager, someone I am happy to call my friend and not only because he let me post his great pictures and Jillian Rubino, Peter's girlfriend that I can't wait to meet.


 A soothing ramble through the peaceful woods
by Peter Oelslager

The Epic Battle: Summer vs Fall
by Jillian Rubino
Do you see the rabbit in the clouds?

Spanish Moss is the sun
by Peter Oelslager

The Realm of Swamp Thing
by Peter Oelslager

Go out and see what you can find around you.
Take care!

Picture Credits
Peter Oelslager
If you wish to contact Peter for prints, email me.

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