Tuesday, November 30, 2010

{Pearls of Wisdom} When Buying Orchids

This new series of posts will consist of bite-size pieces of knowledge I have gleamed throughout my life. When I was younger I use to carry around a large notebook that I had dubbed "The Big Red Book of Irrelevant Thingies". In which I would jot down interesting facts, random pieces of wisdom or common knowledge that I had not pick up on. I'm a bit older now but I still keep this book preciously in the book shelf and, well, ok, the notebook just doesn't fit into my handbag and I can't be carrying a backpack all the time, right? So I've opted for a smaller version which I carry around everywhere with me. You should see the random things that end up in there. Regardless, I will try to provide these tidbits with tangible references when it's possible.

When Buying Orchids

Orchids are fickle things. Increase your chances with this easy test : when selecting an orchid jiggle it in the pot (with moderation). The orchid should sit firmly in the pot. By jiggling the pot, you make sure the orchid is well anchored.

Take care!

ConsumerReports, Quick and Easy Shopping Guide, 2010.

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