Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Sunny Sunday in Central Park

Hello and welcome to Monday Wednesday,
Sunday was an incredible winter day, it was sunny, the temperature was clement and well, overall a glorious day. On days such as these, Central park is a must.
Happiness is contagious and it was everywhere: happy dogs, happy (shirtless) runners, happy toddlers stumbling about, happy walkers and happy ducks.

Spring was in the air as I walked past the pond. The air was full of quacks, flaps and splashes. A group of mallards (Anas platyrhynchos) had taken up a small opening in the ice and were joyfully splashing and foraging about in what I imagine to be very cool water. The males were in full mating plumage looking dashing with their shimmering green heads and surprising iridescent blue speculum feathers on its wing. Mallards weren't the only birds filling the air with their song. I saw Black-eyed Juncos,White-throated sparrow chirping in the bushes and a red headed woodpecker silently flying over the heads of unsuspecting park bench readers.

Prancing dogs weren't the only ones showing off their fury coats, pussy willows proudly displayed their fuzzy buds and  fluffy tailed squirrels chased each other up, down and across slumbering trees.

Birds singing, dogs barking, squirrels chirping ,ice cracking and children laughing, the sounds of spring are all over the place itching to be noticed. Just another reason the be happy.

What are things looking like near you?

Take care!

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