Monday, December 19, 2011

The secret of the Red Pepper

Do you prefer red peppers to green ones? Aren't they just so much sweater and tastier to munch on? Have you ever wondered where they came from?

You're in for a treat!

First of all, peppers are from the family solonaceae - like potatoes and tomatoes. (Yep, they're related. Surprised? Doubtful? Look at they flowers.)
You must also know that peppers are fruit. A fruit is the result of reproduction that holds seeds, it has nothing to do with degree of sweetness or when we choose to eat it.
Test it out for yourself. Cut a pepper open. Do you see those flat roundish white things? Seeds. Don't believe me? Let them dry and plant them.

Getting to heart of the matter: Red peppers, where do they come from?

Drum roll please.

They are green peppers that got a little more time to mature on the plant.

BAM WAM thank you Mam. Are you chocked, surprised, intrigued? I was.

I didn't really believe it until my little green babies turned red. I left them on the plant for an extra month after they stopped getting bigger. I guess that's why they are more expensive.

On that note, Happy Holidays! I'll be back in the new year.

Take care!

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