Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Encounter with my Guardian Angel

I met my Guardian Angel today.

This post has nothing to do with science but it does however reflect a beautiful side to our human world.

Today started off with a harsh wake up call at 5:45. I packed my bag, took the time to transfer my belongings from my purse to my backpack. Double checked my room to see if I hadn't forgotten anything I might need for work. Ran upstairs, grabbed a banana, my raincoat and rushed out the door and into the car. On the way to work, I untangled my hair and somehow managed to produce a side braid (thankfully my father drives both of us into the city giving me 30 extra minutes to get ready in the morning).

Thirty minutes later, my father drops me off at the metro/subway station and I zombie walk myself and my ten gazillion heaving bags of stuff to the turnstiles managing to grab a newspaper and smile kindly to the paper man on the way. Nearing the turnstiles, I expertly swing my backpack forward and reach for my metro card and nothing. It's not there. I stop. Look through the pocket again, nothing. Noting the traffic build up behind me, I retreat to a near by wall, unload my bags and begging frantically looking through (koff emptying koff) my bag. Still NOTHING, not even my wallet or a single dime of spare change. I grab my cell phone and dial up my Dad. He picks up. (He has a ingenious blue tooth devices that connects his cellphone to his car speakers just so you don't think I make my Dad talk on his cellphone while he drives.)

- Oui, Allo?
- Dad, it's me. Are you far from the metro?
- Yes, I'm in the tunnel [heading out of town]. Why?
- Weeel, I forgot my metro pass, I don't have my wallet, and so I don't have a single penny to buy a ticket to get to work. I say in a panicked voice. 
- Oh. Well I'm a bit far now to turn back. It will probably take me a hour because of traffic.....
And that's the exact moment when my gardien angel in the form of a late middle aged women gently taps me on the shoulder and says:
- I'll cover you for a ticket darling, don't you worry.
- Don't worry Dad, an angel just got my back. See you tonight.
My angel, called Carmel, emptied out her purse and gave me every last penny she had on her, ''in case I needed more to get back''. Next came the paper man asking me if I would be ok for the day and offering to lend me a few bucks for lunch since he'd see me the next day anyway. I couldn't believe this display of generosity and solidarity from total and partial strangers. It was uplifting and gave me hope for the world. When I asked how I could get the money back to her, she answered:
- Don't worry about it, it will come back to me one way or another.

So I write this post, to thank Carmel for her kindness and generosity. She will forever be my Guardian Angel.

Take care!


  1. Autant on peut avoir des journées de marde où le monde au complet semble être contre nous qu'on peu en avoir où les gens sont prêt à nous donner leur chemise.

    Merci beaucoup Carmel (pi le gars des journaux), on à besoin de plus de gens comme vous.

  2. Wow! c'est tellement le fun de savoir qu'il y a encore des gens altruistes surtout dans le métro! Un gros bravo à Carmel et je suis sure que effectivement ce geste de générosité va lui revenir!

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