Thursday, January 13, 2011

Catalytic Clothing - to help us breathe more beautifully

Ok, this is the second day I post a link to an article I have written for another venue, I'm sorry. I do have something planned just for you for tomorrow.
In the mean time, head over to Love Garden Design to catch a glimpse of the future; clothing that can purify the air.

Love Garden Design: Catalytic Clothing - to help us breathe more beaut...: "Would you believe me if I told you your clothes may one day play a part in a global effort for carbon sequestration? "

Take Care!

Source & Picture Credit:
Chua, Jasmin M. "Meet "Herself", the World's First Air-Purifying Dress". Ecouterre.Jan 7th, 2011 [Online]Jan 13th 2011.

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