Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year Resolutions


I hope you are enjoying the holidays and taking the time to be with your family.
What did you do to celebrate the arrival of the new year? More importantly, what's your New Year's resolution?
Every year in addition to a personal resolution, I take a green resolution. In previous years, I have resolved to avoid styrofoam and disposable cups. My green resolution for 2011 is to reduce our house hold consumption of plastic. I realize it's a very broad resolution which might make it hard to standby so I've written out some ground rules.

1. Always carry a reusable bag and always carry extra to the supermarket.
2. Avoid over-packaged goods and favor reusable or recyclable packaging materials (glass, paper and metal).
3. Bring your own container to take-out counters (I'll keep you informed on how well this works in NYC).
4. Avoid plastic bottles by filtering your own water at home and carrying a reusable bottle (or your multipurpose mason jar).
5. Avoid plastic cutlery and dinnerware (bring your own to work).
6. Avoid cling wrap and ziploc bags by using foil, butcher paper and reusable glass containers.

Can you think of any other ways I can reduce my household use of plastic?

To solidify my resolution, I am dedicating the first week of January 2011 to plastic. You will find out about plastic reducing, recycling and reusing efforts from around the world.

Take care!

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  1. Bonne Année!!! Happy New Year!!
    My eco-resolution this year would be to bring my coffee mug EVERYTIME when I'm at work or at school! And so far so good lolol :)

  2. Hey Vanessa! That's a great resolution! I'm with you on that one, no mug no coffee...sometimes its so painful... :P

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