Monday, March 15, 2010

How to Recycle (just about) Anything

I'm always wondering what to do with the random things I collect over the years; at one point they just have to go. When I've exhausted the Second Hand Shop option and I've recycled all that I can, I have a moments hesitation before launching into the garbage something that at one point in time meant something to me or could maybe one day serve again.

Getting to the point now, I found an informative article available, FOR FREE, on Real (Click here)

Here are some that I found particularly interesting :

* Bring your old iPod back to the store to get 15% off the purchase of a new one and get the old one recycled properly.

* Nike recycles old sneekers into courts and running tracks. (I've seen people do it with old tires as well- such a great surface to run on!)

* You can recycle aluminum toothpaste tubes.

Take care!

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