Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Octopuses and HDTV

I stand corrected, the plural form of octopus is not, as I have lovingly believed, octopi but octopuses -which sounds so much less impressive. It has something to do with the word octopus coming from the greek instead of the latin.

Anyway, I found this great little article posted on Observations of a Nerd about scientists that managed to fool octopuses into responding to a video played in HD. The story goes that octopuses do not respond to video stimuli which complicated the study of interactive behaviour, that is until HD came along. Scientists can now observe behaviours towards selected videos. Please read on by clicking here.

She posted a little video to go along with her well written post. I stole it and placed it here for our enjoyement.

Long live Cephalopods!

Take care!

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