Thursday, October 7, 2010

{Being Green} Don't be a water waster

Water is now thought to be the most probable cause of another world war because of the exponential growth of the human population, the already small proportion of available drinking water and the increasing contamination of these sources.

Environmental campaigns always target our water consumption, National Geographic even produced a dramatic special issue called: Water, Our thirsty World. I wrote about it in a past post (click here). We all know about turning the water off when we brush our teeth, using low flow shower heads, toilets and what not. We are told but sometimes its hard to apply.

When it came down to showers, kicking the habit of long hot showers was much harder. I just love getting lost in a daze as the hot water gently washes over my body. But a 30min shower definitely puts me in the water waster category. I needed a method that would allow me to time my shower without the depressing thought of setting an alarm.

This is what I came up with:

The Concept: Use your favorite songs to time your shower.
On average, commercial songs generally run for about 4min. Showering along to two of your favorite songs will not only improve your mood but also keep your shower to under 10min; significantly reducing your water consumption.

What you need: Some music playing device that won't electrocute you in the process.

How to: Step 1. Install some kind of musical device in or near your bathroom. There are shower radios available out there but I use this old boom box that I've strategically placed on my window sill to avoid contact with water (yes, I know, the rain but that is an entirely different issue).

Step 2. Get ready for your shower. Start the musical count down as soon as you start the shower running. Sing along and lather up. My objective is to be out the shower and drying off by the time the second song comes to an end. Voila! You are now taking less than 10min to shower and you have some great soundtrack for your day or night - depending on your showering preference.

Give it a try and tell me what you think.

Do you have any other water reducing habits?

Take care!

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