Monday, October 18, 2010

{Being Green} Reusing Plastic Bottles

Good Morning and welcome to Monday,

Let's start this week off right with a new Green Scheme. This week's concept comes to you courtesy of my Inbox and my Mother who lovingly sent me this viral email.

Although I don't often have plastic bottles available (I try not to buy them), I liked the idea and thought I should share it through another medium.  It could come in handy for my peas and beans I buy per pound from the Health Food Store and who knows what creative ways a fresh Monday Morning Brain can come up with. Right? Okay.

The Concept: Use the top of a bottle to seal the common plastic bag.

What you need: A plastic bottle, scissors, a plastic bag (sandwich bag or bulk produce bag)

How to: 1. Empty and clean the plastic bottle.  With the scissors, carefully cut off the top of the bottle leaving about an inch of the neck bellow the cap.

2. Remove the cap. Insert the bag through the top of the bottle (from the bottom) and screw the top back into place. You now have a bag that is air-tight and easier to pour once you master the technique of holding the bottle.

If you decide to take this idea for a whorl, let me know how well it worked and what you used it for. I'm curious.

Take care!

Thanks Mum!
[Picture credits] : Source Unknown, (they came with the email)


  1. What an awesome idea!
    Thanks for sharing it!
    (Came from the NBN map ;) )
    Cheers from Kuwait - the land of plastic :(

  2. Thank you for Visiting and Commenting Nicole!


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