Saturday, October 30, 2010

Down in the Meadow

Wolfman and I watched this fabulous Western Marilyn Monroe Movie called The River of No Return (1954).  In it, Marilyn is a saloon singer that gets swept up in a crazy prospecting adventure. During her adventure, she meets a young boy to whom she sings this wonderful song, Down in the Meadow- a song all about the seasons. I fell in love.  If you can play the guitar, you can find the cords at In the meantime, I've posted the lyrics and a video clip from the movie. Enjoy!

When Mr South Wind sighs in the pines,
old Mr Winter whimpers and whines.
Down in the meadow, under the snow,
April is teaching green things to grow.

When Mr West Wind howls in a glade,
old Mr Summer nods in the shade.
Down in the meadow, deep in the brook,
catfish are waiting for the hook.

Old Lady Blackbird flirts with the scarecrow,
scarecrow is waving at the moon.
Old Mr Moon makes hearts everywhere go bump, bump,
with the magic of June.

When Mr East Wind shouts over head,
then all the leaves turn yellow and red.
Down in the meadow corn stocks are high
pumpkins are ripe and ready for pie.

When Mr North Wind rolls on the breeze,
old father Christmas trims over trees.
Down in the meadow snow shoftly gleams
earth goes to sleep and smiles in her dreams.

Take care!

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